FOTO-RCONTRERAS-HARVARDA few days ago, I had the opportunity to participate with a presentation in a workshop at Harvard University, which revolved around new trends in aeronautics. Together with representatives of Airbus, MIT, Harvard, I presented the challenges of a Sustainable Mobility and address it in a holistic way, not partially. Having these kinds of reflections in centers like Harvard University is an inspiration. In some way, going back to the Cambridge campus is closing a circle. In 2013-14, Ivan and I did an executive at MIT, 2km from Harvard, which served as a definitive boost to our Mobility Ecosystem design. Both at Harvard and at MIT, the approach to work is the constant establishment of new paradigms, how to innovate in products, processes, models. Being able to give a lecture based on the experience of these years, and sharing the lines of work that are being developed right now, is to return to the place of the theory,  bringing the feedback of the praxis, to continue reflecting.

I leave here a video in which I summarize the content of the debates, and the general lines that I broke down in my speech.

By Rafael Contreras

VP of Cadiz CF. PhD in Social and Law Sciences by the University of Cádiz and a Master's Degree in Psycho-social counseling of organizations and institutions by the Universita'Di Bologna (Italy). Leadership and management Executive by MIT. More than 20 years of experience in launching and setting-up companies, specialized in high-technology. I am used to think that "When you believe in what you're doing and use your imagination and initiative, yo can make a difference"

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