Today is the labour day in USA. That means that is a day off for northamericans. For me, labour day means, literally, that it is a day of work. I have been traveling from coast to coast for the last 2 weeks, and I still have other destinations waiting for me the upcoming days.

Today is the first day of September. We enter in the last part of the process that we announced last March. Our jump to the first Stock Market, the Continous Market. We are moving towards that moment step after step, mile after mile. Our rigorous achievement of the business plan is our best presentation. In this moment, with so many planes and airports, I cannot avoid to translate our plan into miles, landings and taking off.

The other picture I have in my mind when I see the achievement of the plan is the people that are by me moving towards the Continuous Market. I havent had vacations. I have been working and traveling. And the best thing is that I dont regret it. As a runner, I can say that the support of the team, and the closeness of the final moment are two elements of strong motivation. Motivation to keep achieving the plan.

Bye and have a good flight


por Rafael Contreras

VP of Cadiz CF. PhD in Social and Law Sciences by the University of Cádiz and a Master's Degree in Psycho-social counseling of organizations and institutions by the Universita'Di Bologna (Italy). Leadership and management Executive by MIT. More than 20 years of experience in launching and setting-up companies, specialized in high-technology. I am used to think that "When you believe in what you're doing and use your imagination and initiative, yo can make a difference"

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  1. I cannot less that to share the sense that our CEO him dá to his post. Work it demonstrates day after day that thanks to the labor of his equipment this company advances and grows of suitable form. It wanted to compare Work to the great transatlantic one, because it is not less true than if this ship not tubiese to the front a good Captain accompanied of officials who can do the maneuvers that are indicated from the bridge of control of effective form, at any time is possible that one had sunk and spent to the history like what it could be and was not. Because of it I want to remember this immortal phrase of the » Club of the dead poets » as way of demonstrating our confidence in the person who directs us.! Oh Captain, my Captain!

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