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The truth of figures


With MUVING team in Atlanta

With MUVING team in Atlanta

As Rafa said a few days ago in his post about the Artificial Intelligence at MIT, from time to time CEOS and Presidents of companies have to stop to review the strategy, and what is to come. Another moment in which you stop and check if the work that is being done is well focused or not, is the revision of the figures. These are tangible. They don´t lie. Although at the strategic level it is not the only element to be taken into account, it is undoubtedly the most immediate and concrete reference to continue taking measures in one direction or another.

In the case of MUVING Ecosystem, our leadership at the Spanish and International level is corroborated by the numbers. In 2017, we were the leaders in the production of electric vehicles with almost 3,300 units. This amount will be multiplied by 7.5 in 2019 when we will manufacture 25,000 units, as I already mentioned in the most recent post about the opening of the first own store See you in Castellana 107!

Rafael and I have always had internationalization as one of the strategic axes of growth from the beginning of each of the companies we have set up. Proof of this is that Torrot already operates in 54 countries, and 80% of the production goes to countries like the United States, Germany, Mexico, France, Belgium … In this international chapter, as we have already informed lately, in addition to serve sharing operators with our electric motorcycles (case of the cities of Vienna and Graz, in Austria, with 165 units, or New York, with 68 devices), we establish our own sharing services with MUVING. This is the case of Atlanta, where for the last 4 months, 150 yellow motorcycles have served citizens in their daily mobility throughout the city.

As evident proof of the international commitment, I am writing this post from San Francisco where I have been working for two weeks now. The upcoming one,  I will be participating in the European Innovation Week in Silicon Valley. I’ll tell you more about it in the coming days. MUVING Ecosystem and the need for a sustainability in urban mobility arose from trips with Rafa through the great North American capitals a decade ago; conceptually crystallized between MIT in Boston and New York; the first explorations were made in the West Coast of the USA, Atlanta and Miami; the explosion of the model occurred in Spain and Europe; and the return trip has already begun with Atlanta and New York as first cities, and Silicon Valley on the West Coast as a continuation, among other US points. In conclusion, as the title of the post says, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the road, figures tell the truth of the success of the decisions. And the numbers that I have outlined in this article, show that the strategic plan is on the right track. Now it is time to continue the work so that we can offer you the truth of  figures in the following stages.

Author: Ivan Contreras

Cofundador de Carbures, Torrot, Muving y Skully. Presidente de Skully y CEO de Torrot. Más de 20 años como directivo e inversor creando empresas tecnológicas. Convencido de la Movilidad Inteligente y sostenible, y de que el mundo se puede transformar con pasión y trabajo. Formación en Harvard, MIT, Universidad de Barcelona.

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